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 A Government of India recognized company in Industrial Design and Product Development sector (Certificate No.DIPP26672) 

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Forcyst, is a leading Design Engineering and Prototyping Company in Mumbai, offering End to End Product Design, Development and Product Optimization Services to multiple sectors like Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Electrical, Electronics, Consumer, Renewable and Industries globally. From Research & Development to  Manufacturing, we provide complete one stop Mechatronics solutions.


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Sensing Electronics is a device, module, machine, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and send the information to other electronics, frequently a computer processor. A sensor is always used with other electronics. Where as Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Energy Electronics is broadly the process of tracking and optimizing energy consumption to conserve usage in any device or system effectively. Forcyst has one of the finest in-house Research & Development and Product Development facilities for all Electronics needs.  


Topology Optimization is a technology for developing Optimized Structures considering design parameters such as expected loads, available design space, materials and cost. It enables the creation of designs with minimal mass and maximal stiffness, The advantage of using stiffness is that it can be represented as scalar quantity and thus increasing the computational efficiency. As an input topology optimization takes a 3D design and sabotages the material from it to get the most productive design, Once the loading and the constraint system is defined it will decipher the material needed to develop the load path.


The benefits of incorporating FEA into the design process is our Designer Engineers can verify that the product/equipment can be reviewed and will confirm to a client’s performance criteria early in the design process. This can accelerate the product development process and also, if the results do not meet expectations, the design team can optimize and review the design at an early stage saving time and money. Carrying out accurate and technically meaningful Finite Element Analysis requires highly skilled and experienced engineers. Crucially, as a technology development and Design engineering company we work with our clients to optimize and deliver the best fit solutions. If you would like any information or discuss your current or planned project, then please do not hesitate to call us. Whether FEA Services, Design optimization, Troubleshooting, Product Qualification or independent finite element analysis of your products, we have engineering expertise, resources and experience to meet your requirements.


Forcyst utilizes its Technologies and Resources to make Custom Moulds which are suitable for your current tooling. Through our in-house facilities and experts in Micro-Tooling, we combine capability with capacity to achieve the requirements of any particular tooling project flexibly. To maximize your production and minimize products cost, we also give you some suggestions on Tooling modifications and design changes. Additionally, tooling life will be extended through our maintenance program. It can enhance tooling productivity. Our Injection Moulding Team has rich experience in both Hard Tooling and Soft Tooling. Soft tools are usually made of aluminum alloy which may be suggested when the requirements on product quantity is not so large, because the hard tools’ life or capacity is far exceed the products’ production requirements. In another words, it can save the cost of products. We provide Injection Mould Solution, Mould Design Solution and Quality Management Services.


Surface-mount technology (SMT), originally called planar mounting, is a method in which the electrical components are mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). An electrical component mounted in this manner is referred to as a Surface-mount device (SMD). In industry, this approach has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components, in large part because SMT allows for increased manufacturing automation which reduces cost and improves quality. An import step in the assembly process is placing the components on the board and for Surface Mount Devices (SMD) this is done with an automated Pick & Place machine. Using automated Pick & Place machines is much faster and more accurate than a manually placement of the surface mount components. Overall, these machines are essential tools in PCB manufacturing, enabling efficient, accurate, and high-speed placement of electronic components. Our automation capabilities significantly enhance productivity and reliability in electronics manufacturing.

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