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f̅orcyst® is Research & Development company providing end to end services from Concept to Production to Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Electrics, Electronics and Defense sectors and thrive to deliver the clients, the best possible Engineering products.

Our integrated services span the project life cycle from feasibility studies, consulting services, provision of proprietary technologies, design, engineering, raw materials and equipment procurement and construction management to maintenance and after-sale technical support. We offer high quality, timely completion and safe solutions to projects in any Mechanical field. We also provide services to Industries and manufacturers.

f̅orcyst® developed significant experience and execution capability in the provision of services in India. In the CAD/CAM modelling, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Analysis with Simulation, we have a leading position as service provider in engineering industry. Apart from our core team of specialized   engineers,   f̅orcyst® is  backed by technical support from the renown engineering  universities in  India and also overseas.


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With our accumulated knowledge and experience in the Engineering service business, as well as our own proprietary technologies; we are in an advantageous position to expand our business in Indian market. In addition to reinforcing our leadership in the engineering services, we are developing our presence in international markets. Leveraging on our experience working on projects managed in India by our engineers specialized from renowned Engineering universities in India and around the world, we are actively seeking opportunities to expand our footprint internationally to countries in around the globe.

f̅orcyst®, as a leading design engineering, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping company in Mumbai offers 360 degree solutions for all your mechanical engineering needs from research and development and concept design to 3d printing prototyping and plastic injection moulding services. We are expertise in providing complete mechanical and electronics engineering services to any industries across India.

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