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3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Working of 3D Printing It all starts with making a virtual design of the object you want to create. This virtual design is made in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file using a 3D modeling program (for the creation of a totally new object) or with the use of a 3D scanner (to copy an existing object). A 3D scanner makes a 3D digital copy of an object. 3D scanners use different technologies to generate a 3D model such as time-of-flight, structured / modulated light, volumetric scanning and many more. Processes and Technologies Not all 3D printers use the same technology.

3D Printing Services not everybody can afford or is willing to buy their own 3D printer. Does this mean you cannot enjoy the possibilities of 3D printing? No, not to worry. Forcyst thrives to serve the best 3D printing technologies that can very inexpensively print and deliver an object from a digital file that you simply upload to our website.


Forcyst provides business-to-business services. When, for instance, you have an architecture practice and you need to build model scales, it is very time consuming doing this the old fashioned way. We provide services where you can send your digital model to and we print the building on scale for you to use in client presentations. The same applies to the other respective fields.



3D Printing Technology

Are you looking for the complete 3D printing rapid prototyping services? Forcyst is your one stop solution. Our experts will help you out with the different prototyping from SLA, SLM to Drop on demand & SLS as per your requirement. 

Forcyst, as India's leading design engineering and rapid prototyping company based in Mumbai offers complete product design & development solutions from concept design & research to 3D printing and manufacturing to the multiple sectors including medical, automotive, oil & gas and more.


Contact us now or email us at to get in touch with us.

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