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FORCYST is a mechanical engineering firm offering specialized professional engineering and design services in ASME pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping systems and reviewing of calculations and drawings for these static equipment.

We provide engineering, consulting, design and drafting services of ASME pressure vessels and piping systems.

We are experienced in other pressure vessel related work such as:

1. Advanced custom configurations and components

2. Specialized process applications

3. Full range of pressure and service temperatures

4. Nozzle, flange, baffle, hatch and doors

5. TEMA Heat Exchangers

6. API storage tanks

7. Rectangular tanks, bins, foundations and support systems

We base our ASME code calculations on the most accepted commercial software programs with unusual details calculated by Spreadsheet to provide the calculations required to solve your design problems.


These educational Excel spreadsheets can get your project started in the right direction.

Calculations are included for Shells, Heads, Nozzles and even the flat layout of a cone.

Whatever the project, FORCYST enhances its own professional expertise with the power of partnership to meet each client's expectations. Our desire is to create, not only superior engineering output, but also a strong and lasting client relationships.




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