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FORCYST has a strong team of Mechanical, Electrical and Material Engineers to develop a market quality product. Our Team understands the User Requirement Specifications from the client very well and converts the problem statement into number of stages. Our Engineers then covert individual stage into individual problem statement and prove the concept through engineering studies.


Concept Validation is the most crucial stage in any product development project as it determines the time as well as investment incurred in it.

The stronger the concept, the easier and faster it is to validate the same. Our engineers are very well qualified for the same and look for the fastest and long term solution method for quality product development. Concept validation normally is the stage which determines the overall costing of end product as it involves the material study of the final developed product.

We prove the concept through engineering studies and analytical studies in the the form of FInite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Once the concept is validated, we proceed for the best suitable prototyping technology for functional physical product.

As a concept design and validation company in Mumbai, Forcyst offers end to end solutions for your mechanical engineering needs starting from product design and 3D rapid prototyping to plastic injection moulding and manufacturing services. Contact us now!


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