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Material Jetting (MJ)​

Material Jetting is a 3D printing process where droplets of material are selectively deposited and cured on a build plate. Using photopolymers or wax droplets that cure when exposed to light, objects are built up one layer at a time.

The nature of the Material Jetting process allows for different materials to be printed in the same object. One application for this technique is to fabricate support structures from a different material to the model being produced.

  • Type of 3D Printing Technology: Material Jetting (MJ).

  • Materials: Photopolymer resin (Standard, Castable, Transparent, High Temperature).

  • Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.1 mm.

  • Common Applications: Full color product prototypes; Injection mold-like prototypes; Low run injection molds; Medical models.

  • Strengths: Best surface finish; Full color and multi-material available.

  • Weaknesses: Brittle, not suitable for mechanical parts; Higher cost than SLA/DLP for visual purposes.


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